Match Report 3/31/19 vs. Gettysburg

On a chilly, windy day in New Cumberland PA the West Shore United Rugby Girls hosted a big Gettysburg Side. Coming out of the gate the West Shore Girls knew they had their hands full with a strong rucking Gettysburg side. Losing the ball quickly in a ruck our girls had to battle on defense and work to get the ball back. After a few phases West Shore was back on offense with a hard attack and a BIG GAP hit by Angelina with her 1st try of the day puts West Shore Up 5-0.
The first half of rugby was all West Shore. With big tackles on defense and a break saving tackle by Romy, the West Shore Girls battled it out in the rucks. The first half would see tries by Kai, Colleen with a big forward play in the 22m and Angelina would put in another 2 earning a hat trick in the half for herself!
Lineouts were again amazing with jumper Katie Smith in the air. Loosing only 1 it helped keep our offense moving down the field! Scrums were a well-oiled machine with 10 scrums in the half we won 5 of our own and hook Ellie Hannon stealing 2 defensive scrums as well! Gettysburg would get a late try against from 3 straight offsides penalties committed by the girls. Getting their heads back in the game and shaking it off would lead to Kai getting a last-minute score of the half earning herself a hat trick too! Jess and Rey both taking turns kicking would both put up a conversion in the half.
At the half West Shore over Gettysburg 39-5
The second half looked like a mirror of the 1st half with West Shore now playing with the wind to their backs and a full head of steam! Coming out of the gun Kai would take one off the back of the ruck on her own and her first of two tries of the half.  Rey would earn the conversion before taking a blow to the head a few players later and having to come out. West Shore then had a hard-fought forward attack down the pitch crashing into Gettysburg’s line. Gettysburg would regain possession in their own 5m but forced a costly knock on giving West Shore the scrum on the 5m line. Carlisle would 8 man pick to score her 1st try of the day and make the conversion kick as well.
For the rest of the half West Shore would continue to show offensive dominance with tries Colleen getting her 2nd Forward try of the day, Angelina would pick up her 2nd Hat Trick and finish the day with 6 tries on her own, and Emelia Lafferty scoring her 1st RUGBY TRY!!
Final score at the whistle Gettysburg 10 – West Shore 83!

West Shore United Girls Rugby   

3/17/2019 @ State College

Let me start by saying EXCELLANT JOB!!! What a way to start our D1 season! I'm so proud of all of you for bring the limited outdoor practices we had and putting it all together for the game. YOUR ALL RUGBY PLAYERS NOW!!

the first half opened up on a beautiful clear, but cold day in Happy Valley. Colleen opened up our scoring attack with a try off of a SC penalty. Kicking into the very gusty wind Jess could not convert WS up 5-0. Sierra then put in our next try after our first 4 phase attack after taking it herself from the back of the ruck putting us up 10-0. SC answered back quick with a very well put together phase attack down the field. West Shore still waking up and struggling setting our defensive wall SC scores and concerts the kick with the wond on their back WS 10-7. 
WS then wakes up on defense and stops a hard charging SC offense on our won 5ml meter line and forces a line out! With motivation on our side and an unstoppable Katie Smith as our jumper we win the line out with ease and start a hard charging attack of our own bringing the ball out of our end and all the way onto SC side with Jess taking a hard fight and touching the ball down for a try. WS up 14 - 7.
SC comes back after the kickoff not giving us anything easy. Hard rucking from both sides down the field we commit a costly offsides penalty and SC capitalizes with a try of their own WS goes into the half up 15 -14.
The second half our West Shore Girls were so pumped and motivated that they were winning in their first D1 game, they were unstoppable! With multiple 5+ Phase attacks and a great defensive wall led us to a first time Try by a first game rookie Ann! 20-14. After quick rumblin, tumblin trucking down the field by Colleen we add another try within a minute and a conversation by Rey, WS up 27-14.
For the next 10 mins we would put up trys by Sierra in the corner with a smart take, Colleen would take another tank trip down the field and add her 2nd and then Jess would take a penalty advantage in from the 22 meter putting WS 42 to 14.
With less then q minute left newbie Emelia would take a quick hands back attack out at the wing and down the sideline putting us deep in SC territory! With another costly penalty against SC we would capitalize once more with our opposite wing Somer taking the ball in for a try with a conversion by Rey putting West Shore at 49 to 14 over State College. We would hold a great defense and end the game on top!! Final score 49 West Shore - State College 14. 

B Side would show a great development for our rookies as they started with shoulder hit rugby and progressing to full contact. B Sode showed tries by Keira, Bailey and coach Joe apologizes but doesnt know who scored the 3rd :(... 
Overall, great rugby was played, lots of talent emerged and most importantly fun was had by all the players, coaches and family in attendance!
Let's hit training hard this week and take our momentum into the rest of the season!

Final score 49 West Shore - State College 14.